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Kevlar - reinforced Light Sparring Gloves
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KEVLAR-Reinforced Light Sparring Gloves ARE BACK!!
by Revival Martial Arts


SCA Fencing / Sidesword - Western Martial Arts - LARPS

One of our best-selling items of all time has been our Light Sparring Gloves. While the purpose of those gloves is to reduce the chances of injury with "incidental" contact by the opponent's weapon while preserving maximum mobility (and adding a coolness factor) seems to have been successful, we've spent considerable time and energy working to take these gloves to the next level.

The result is our new Kevlar-reinforced Light Sparring Gloves. These gloves add extra protection onto the fingers and thumb with a highly mobile and flexible, yet protective "triple" foam protection, while also adding kevlar plate defense protection over the back of the hand and at the base of the thumb. Those pesky "smacks" on the wrist are also less of a problem because of the enhanced wrist protection. All of this has been added while keeping mobility to a maximum.


Kevlar-reinforced gloves are available in sizes large and extra large (L fits most folks).


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This are Gloves are awesome!
Kainnith (Las Vegas, NV) 5/12/2013 10:49 AM
I use this with my Dagorhir fighting group and I can barely feel the blows. Which mean no more bruised or busted fingers after fighting.
Perfect for FMA
Daniel Maloy (Amana, IA) 2/2/2010 10:40 AM
There are not a lot of options when you're looking for protective gear for arnis. After a few years of study everyone's kit looks quite different, and most of it only provides barely-adequate protection. This is especially true in hand protection. These gloves, however, are above and beyond any hand protection gear I've used in my 10 years in FMA. The kevlar reinformcements are perfectly placed to lighten strikes to the back of the hand or to the top of the thumb, both areas that take a lot of abuse in full-speed sparring. The fingers are flexible enough to allow for grappling, but also absorb all of the punishment that comes their way. The only complaint I have, and it is a very minor one, is with the cuff of the glove. These gloves are designed for HEMA use, primarily, and reflect historical European fashion. As such, the cuff is a little larger and more flared than I prefer. Still, the padding there was more than adequate to rattan sparring as well, so my complaint is purely on aesthetics.
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