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14th c. Gambeson / Italian Zuparello
Our 14th century arming coat
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Italian Zuparello / Fighting Cotte / Gambeson*
Based on examples in Fiore dei Liberi's Fior di Battaglia
Available Now! W

ALSO IN STOCK (We don't usually stock the particolored models, but we do have a few for sale now. If you want one of these, make a comment in the order notes or call today!)



We are extremely proud of our cost-effective gambeson, what would have been known to students of the venerable Italian fighting master Fiore dei Liberi as a zuparello.

This light to medium weight fighting cotte, also known as a gambeson, is made of extremely durable 100% cotton for breathability, durability, and washability. No dry cleaning required, as with other company's products!


Best of all, our cottes may be custom ordered in party-colored configurations (please allow ~90 days). Parti colors (2 color) are $40 extra. 





















Our Zuparello features also HAND MADE cloth buttons which will not break in combat and which compress under armour. The arms feature the GRAND ASSIETTE construction, which enables superior movement of the arms--even over the head--without drawing the hip region upward or cutting the area under the arms open (which seems dangerous, given how frequently historical texts thrust under the arm!).

Our design is field-proven and is designed by Brian R. Price and Deborah St. James, as shown in Techniques of Medieval Armour Reproduction. (Schola St. George Patch not included.)





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Product Reviews

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Excellent Jacket
Tom Farmer (Clinton, TN) 9/4/2013 12:26 PM
I've been using this jacket for about four months now for a variety of WMA activities. It's my go-to jacket for SCA rapier fighting and for my club's WMA/HEMA activities (rapier, saber, longsword). I've given it five stars, because the only drawback it has is small. First, the bad: Buttons. Oh, lord, this jacket has so many buttons. It can take upwards of five minutes to put it on if the sleeves need to be buttoned too. Now, the good!: The buttons. Once they're all buttoned, the buttons keep the jacket in place in just the right way to allow movement and not bind. Plus, the buttons on the sleeves let you roll the sleeves up in hot weather. Speaking of fit, that's what I really love about this jacket. It feels like it won't fit until you button it (it sits weird because of the cut when the front is open), but once you button it, it's very comfortable. I have no issues with range of motion with any weapon while wearing it.
Randolph Dominic (Falmouth, ME) 6/26/2013 9:38 PM
I am absolutely delighted with every aspect of my new zuparello, which I will wear as a fencing doublet as well as the foundation for early 15th c. armour. Cut and construction are first class, and there is plenty of padding if a blow slips past my guard. I particularly like the construction of the arms, which do not have the ugly gap in the armpit. Best of all was the cheerful and efficient customer service I received, which could not have been improved upon. I have been away from reenacting for many years, working 2 jobs, but I was told by a local contact that I would be happy with anything I got from R&A. He was right. I only wish their product line was more extensive! By the way, I bought at the full price of $120. The sale price makes this a world-class bargain!!!
Great product!
Jordan (Springfield, MO) 2/15/2013 12:42 PM
This is really an outstanding product. The construction methods look like something straight out of history and I have gotten nothing but compliments on it whenever I've shown it to people. It's fits quite well under my maille shirt, though the maille will require some refitting to work with the grand-assiette sleeve construction. Overall I just love this coat. Piece of advice: if your measurements are at the high-end of what the coat will fit, go ahead and order a size larger. I measure a 40" chest so I ordered a medium as it says it fits up to 40". It ended up being a little tight across the shoulders. However, Scott worked with me to get a larger coat and now I couldnt be happier. Truly a great product and a great company to buy from.
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