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WMA / Schola Practice Jacket
Adult sizes on backorder (Children's still available)
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Children's S-M-L-XL; Adult S-M-L-XL


Currently there are few sources for easy-to-fit protection. Within the Schola, our beginning students use these jackets combined with our soft gorget and commercial roller hockey gloves to provide flexible, solid protection. While a gambeson and cuirboille arm defenses for the elbow and vambrace would be preferable, those require about four times the investment in time or money--so this solution works for folks to try the art out to see if they like it.

Our jackets are made from nylon and hard plastic, and they provide protection for the ribs, sternum, spine, shoulder-point, elbow and outside of the forearm. They can be put into the washer and air-dried.

These jackets go on fast and pack up quickly, folding down into a tiny plastic carrying case--perfect for getting everyone into gear quicky and not wasting class time.

Overall, the jacket provides a good level of defense for shinai-based weapons, but slightly less for aluminum or rebated steel simualtors, which can more easily find the spaces between plates. Schola students use them for sparring with Shinai-based or similar weapons, and we when drilling with the longsword plays to allow for the completion of a technique. 

The gloves pictured with the jacket are not included, but are available below as our Padded Light Sparring Gloves.

Note that the designer, Revival and Revival Martial Arts cannot warrant the safety of our equipment for any particular activity as we cannot know the uses to which our items may be put. Check with your local safety officer regarding specifics for the activity you are pursuing.



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