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We believe in our products. We stand by them. But we also believe that other people can better testify to our quality than we can. Here is what people are saying about our Revival Round Pavilion:

"e;...Salvatore' here, just wanted to tardily report on the performance of your medium round style tent on the open flats of Burning Man.  Wonderful!  Had several 45 mph + winds and she stood firm, glad I spent the extra $ on your tent, it was worth every penny!"e;--Salvatore

"e;I have to tell you, this is the best pavilion for the money available anywhere. It packs down small, is a breeze to set up, and is darn near bulletproof even in harsh weather. BUY ONE TODAY!"e;    --Sandra D, Ohio

"e;Post-Estrella Pavilion Report:

It rocked. Easy setup. It is so simple that instructions are not necessary. Plan on 20-30 minutes to set up the first time. You need one person to hold the pole/hub/canvas upright while a second person scurries around with the first few poles to get it standing by itself. Then the second person can help put in stakes and lines.

I ordered it on Saturday, it shipped on Monday, and it arrived on Thursday.

It rained a *lot* at Estrella. First night, I had a few drips here and there inside the pavilion. After the linen thread swelled up, no more leaks.

The tent has a good shape, and is plenty big for two people. I have a 4' x 7' bed that easily fit into the tent.

It actually packed back into the cloth carrying cases provided for the poles, canvas, and stakes. The pavilion takes up very little space when packed. I haven't attempted to look at airline luggage rules, but it would be conceivable to check the pavilion as luggage, although you would want a sturdier sack for the task.

All in all, I am really pleased with this pavilion. Vitus nailed it. Don't be a dope. Get one."e; --
Bartholomew Hightower, Utah 

"e;Once again I tell you. Don't be a dope. These are beautiful, water-tight and super wind resistant. They rule."e;  -Vitus

Order your tent and it can ship within 1 business day! Shipping is surprisingly affordable.

In the Spring we'll have the ash pole sets, hand-forged stakes, and a few other pavilion-related goodies as well. Enjoy!



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