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Polearm or Spear Rubber Tip
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Poleweapon Top & Bottom Spike (WMA)


The thrust with each end of the poleaxe was an integral part of historical technique as recorded in the 15th century treatises of Fiore dei Liberi, Pietro Monte, Paulus Kals and Hans Talhoffer, as it is in the anonymous Jeu de la Hache.

In addition, these "lanza" tips are *ideal* for use on short spears. On a 1 1/8" hardwood shaft (ash or hickory), they play beautifully and allow combatants to compete with near-full force wearing minimal protection.

For students of these styles, however, simulating such a weapon has long been a problem. We took care when designing the 1467 Talhoffer weapon head to evoke the feel of the original; now, we have done the same for our WMA poleweapon thrusting head. Intended for use as a compliment to the Polehammer head, the spike can be placed at the top of the weapon to simulate the "dague dessus" or at the bottom, to simulate the "dague dessous".

Each tip flexes as the head is hollow for part of its length. The tip will compress on impact, or fold with a less perfect strike, easing the force communicated to your partner.

Beyond polearms, the tip can be used effectively as a spear-point, giving more precise play than the larger padded heads.

Our rubber weapons ares designed for students of historical fighting forms and tournament combatants who are looking to explore the weapon without the risk inherent in any metal or wooden version.

Currently the tips are available only in a WMA version, as the SCA rules require a much larger surface area for the head itself and a larger amount of direct compression (as opposed to bend).

The spike features a compression-fit 1" mounting hole that will fit on round, square or octagonal ash poles commonly used in Western martial arts weapons.  Price is per each.


Image Right: Our 1467 Talhoffer Axe head shown on an ash octagonal haft and fitted with our Polearm thrusting head (WMA version). Each component is available separately, as a kit or fully assembled.


NOTE: This is a piece of martial arts training equipment, not a toy. IT IS NOT INTENDED FOR SPARRING WITHOUT APPROPRIATE ARMOUR NOR WITHOUT APPROPRIATE TRAINING. Check with your local safety officers (or marshal) for local regulations regarding polearm specifications. Revival Enterprises cannot guarantee that this product will meet the safety requirements of any group and cannot be responsible for the use or misuse of this item.



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