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Pelican medallion
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Order of the Pelican medallion, now available in sterling silver, bronze, and gold-washed pewer!

The achievement of the Order of the Pelican is, for members of the SCA, often a capstone experience as their long years of service are recognized by this prestigious peerage.

Our Pelican medallion, drawn from medieval illustrations of the Pelican in her roost, depicts the pelican plucking her own breast to feed her young with her blood. It is in this spirit of selfless service that the Order of the Pelican symbolized service to the community both in history and within the Society or Creative Anachronism. This beautiful piece measures more than 1/8" thick and 1 5/8" in diameter--not too small to disappear on colorful medieval clothing but not large enough to be ostentatious.

We have configured our custom, beauiful carving as a medallion and have produced it in several fine materials. Soon, we will also offer a brooch version in bronze and sterling silver.

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