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We know that buying a pavilion can be an expensive decision. Although we are confident in our product, we want you to have an extra bit of assurance, so we offer a 1-year guarantee against defective materials and workmanship.

Our Guarantee
As long as you take proper care of your tent, if it fails because of flaws in workmanship or materials within 1 year, we will replace or repair it (our choice) free of charge!

Water Repellency
Your tent is warranted to be water-repellent, meaning that the most you should find inside are small "e;dribs and drabs."e; Usually these small leaks seal when the linen thread swells after its first contact with water.

Fire Retardancy
Our fabric is coated per California Fire Standards with fire retardant treatment. This being said, you must heed the warning labels sewn into the tent as no fabric material is firePROOF.

We warrant our product under normal usage, but we cannot know how you will use your new tent, so there are a few exceptions:

1) Painted tents: We cannot warrant what kind of materials you use for the painting of your tent, so any painted or applique'd treatment will void the warranty for water repellency. Likewise, paint is flammable, so use caution if you choose to paint your tent.

2) Mildew: Although our canvas is treated for mildew the treatment can only retard its growth to a degree, so you must NEVER put your tent away wet! Mildew can form in just a few hours, so it isimperative,when breaking camp in wet conditions (even morning dew), that you leave your tent as open as possible (to air out) and dry it in the sun or inside as soon as possible. We strongly recommend this be done within 8 hours of the time you bring your tent down. If we receive a tent with mildew, we cannot repair it, so the warranty must be void.

3)  Extreme weather: Revival pavilions will hold up under normal weather, including moderate to heavy rain and wind (up to 30mph). If the tent is damaged by lightning, heavy winds, floods or tearing due to foreign objects the warranty is void. We cannot accept liability for any damage or injury that might occur as a result.

4) Fire: Your tent is fire RETARDANT, not firePROOF. As the warning labels sewn into the tent indicate, you MUST NEVER HAVE YOUR TENT IN CONTACT WITH OPEN FLAME or hot objects. We cannot replace a tent that has fire damage and do not accept liability for any damage or injury that might occur as a result.

5) Abuse: If there is any other evidence of "e;unusual"e; use (such as tears due to foreign objects, lack of maintenance), then we cannot warrant the performance of the tent so that our guarantee is void.

6) Insect or Animal Damage: Animals and insects can sometimes damage fabrics. Moths, mice and some catepillars are some of the most dangerous for a canvas tent, so you should be careful to keep your new tent away from them and be sure that none are rolled up with it when you put it away.

So, as long as you take care of your tent, carefully folding it and ensuring that it is free from insects, that it is DRY when you put it away, you should be able to enjoy your tent for many years to come! 

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