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Medium Sparring Gloves
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Medium Padded Sparring Gloves
by Revival Martial Arts

SCA Fencing / Sidesword - Western Martial Arts - LARPS

For those who spar a little faster or a little harder than the light sparring glove will guard against, we now introduce the Medium Padded Sparring Gloves.

Our custom designsed medium sparring gloves offer unique protective value through 3/8 inch dense foam padding over the whole hand and wrist, while preserving thumb mobility necessary for sword and other weapons arts that include grappling. The super suede aerated paml helps maintain your grip while the single split cuff gives maximum mobility.  These gloves offer a moderate level of protection for Historical Swordsmanship, stick fighting arts and Jogo do Pau.


Our gloves are available in size child medium and large and adult M, L (fits most folks),  XL and XXL. 
Currently only available in black.



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just perfect !
Renaud (FRANCE (Aix en Provence)) 4/26/2011 7:55 AM
These gloves are exactly what i was looking for. As resistant as Hockey gloves but better fitted and ventilated. I use them for fencing with nylon sword from coldsteel and the hands are perfectly safe. the L size and my hand size is 9cm : the finger length + the palm width ---------------------------------- 2
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