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Medieval Sword and Shield
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The Combat System of Royal Armouries MS I.33
Chivalry Bookshelf companion to
The Medieval Art of Swordsmanship
Paul Wagner & Stephen Hand
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278pp, softcover, 8 1/2" x 11"

How did the medival footsoldier fight?
The medieval art of sword and shield fighting has long been a source of speculation amongst military and fencing historians, reenactors, and studens of medieval history.

Reenactors have long sought to explore how medieval soldiers and knights fought by equipping themselves in armour and with weapons and developing their own answers through experimental archaeology. The more divergent of these experiments have developed into their own cultures, from the SCA to Live Action Role Playing Games (LARPS).

Military historians have also speculated, relying on notoriously inaccurate chronicle accounts and iconographic evidence. The medieval fighting treatises deal mostly with wrestling, dagger, poleweapons and the longsword; very little is written on sword and shield.

For Paul Wagner and Stephen Hand, of the Stoccata School of Defence in Sydney, Australia, the recent translation by Dr. Jeffrey L. Forgeng (The Medieval Art of Swordsmasnhip) has opened a whole new opportunity. Working from Dr. Forgeng's translation, practicing swordsmen Wagner & Hand have reconstructed the techniques of Royal Armouries MS I.33 and demonstrated them into clearly illustrated instuctions.

It is very possible that the footman of the Middle Ages, like those who fought at Courtrai (1302), Crecy (1347) and Poitiers (1356), employed techniques and equipment very much like what was shown in this German mss. of the very early 14th century.

Through this book, anyone hoping to learn a bit more about medieval fighting will find a wealth of insight, challenge and drills to hone their skills. For SCA, LARP, reenactor, and Tournament Company combatants, a whole new vista is opened as these techniques can be well employed.

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