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Medieval History Magazine current issue (#17) Vol. 2, No 5
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MEDIEVAL HISTORY #17 (Vol. 2, No 5)
January 2005 Current Issue
full-color on heavy-stock paper

Looking East
Venice, Constantinople & Jerusalem


Venice, the first thousand years
Brenda Ralph Lewis

1204: A Norman Legacy?
Nick Soteri

Gerusalemme Liberata and Jihad: God's Will and Realpolitik
James Waterson

There's no Fool like a Court Fool
Paul Taylor

The Welsh Castles of Edward I - in a Weekend!
Chris Walton

The Blunted Arrowhead: The defensive ole of the great medieval fortresses of Albania
Stephen Turnbull

The "Kingmaker" A Look at Richard Neville and his magnificent castle at Warwick
Martha Watson Brown


O'er the seas: Tudor trader on Thames
Scottish Emporium
Across the Spanish Main

Places of Interest
Mount Grace Carthusian Hermitage

Sweet and sour spiced rabbit or kid, and braised leaf vegetable



The Hussite Wars 1419-36, Stephen Turnbull and Angus McBride
Crusader Castles in the Holy Land 1097-1192, David Nicole
The Peasants' Revolt: England's Failed Revolution of 1381, Alastair Dunn
The Crusaders, Helen Nicholson
The Tower of London Moat: Archaeological Excavations 1995-9, Graham Keevil 
The Picts and the Scots at War, Nick Aitchison
Eleanor of Aquitaine, Courtly Love and the Troubadours, Fiona Swabey
Early Anglo-Saxon Buckets, Jean M Cook

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