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Medieval History Magazine back issue #5
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January 2004 back issue
full-color on heavy-stock paper

Table of Contents
Issue 5 - January 2004

Loyalty, Faith, Identity

The Luttrell Psalter: a treasure of the Medieval World
David Shonfield, Freelance author

Debacle at Manzikert, 1071: Prelude to the Crusades
Brian T. Carey, Professor of Military History and International Relations, at American Military University

Disaster at Hattin, 1187: Beginning of the End
Kelly DeVries, Professor of History, Loyola College, Maryland

Legend of the Fall, 1389: the Battle of kosovo
James E. Held, Indipendent researcher and freelance writer

Bawds, Pimps and Procurers: Prostitution in England
Tom Clegg, Indipendent Scholar

Christopher Columbus: A New Age of Discovery
N.A. Bell

Eastern Promise: Scandianavians in Eastern Europe
Richard Evans, Indipendent Scholar
Get Hooked: Relics of Medieval Ireland
Ted Crawley, Freelance writer and Photographer




Places Of Interest
Roskilde and Caldicot Castle

A Day With
Thorkel, a tenth-century icelandic cheiftan

Historic cookery
Medieval Apple or Pear Fritters

Flavours of Byzantium, Andrew Dalby
The Discovery of King Arthur, Geoffrey Ashe

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Various upcoming events and exhibitions

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