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Fiore segno animal pins
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Modelled on the famous "teaching" illustration or segno from Fiore dei Liberi's 1400s Fior di Battaglia, (We're out of the sterling silver - only brass left).

Fiore used the animals, possibly based on bestiary references, to symbolize specific fighting virtues:

The elefante has a tower on its back. It stands for stabilita, (stability), and strength. In a sense, it also symbolizes the need for combatants to keep their weight low--near the center of gravity or hara--while the tower can symbolize the upper body, which should be held straight for maximum stability.

The tigro holds an arrow, standing for speed, initiative, simultaneaity. "Arrow of the Sky," as Fiore discusses, is another word for lightening. It is, on the segno, near the combatant's right side, suggesting perhaps that speed of the sword-arm is an important quality. 

The lion holds a heart, standing for audacity, boldness, courage. Some say that Fiore intended the Lione to be the most potent of his four virtues, and he does laud these qualities in a verse at the end of the Flos Duellatorum prologue.

Lynx (Cervino)
The lynx, holding a compass or set of dividers, symbolizes measure, judgment, perception. The European lynx was thought to have extraordinary eyesight, and a combatant who thinks may be said to fight from the lynx. 





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