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Chivalry Bookshelf / Revival Leatherworks Affiliate Program

All you have to do is to link our books or other stuff toyour website using special links generated just for you. You can post textlinks, graphics or even full page reviews to generate sales. This is a greatplace to review books that you think are valuable, and we even provide thegraphics you’ll need to illustrate your feature.

We will pay you CASH for sal es generated from your site at amuch higher rate than is usual for similar affiliate programs. For books andleatherwork, we offer a 12.5% commission on all your sales. Compare that with 5% through the big-name online booksellers.  

Or, if you prefer, you can earn DOUBLE CREDIT on allChivalry Bookshelf or Revival Leatherworks purchases. That means you'll earn 25% on your sales! We’ll issue you a couponcode instead, and you can redeem it on the website for credit on anyChivalry Bookshelf or Revival Leatherworks products. If your site is our TOP SELLER for the quarter, you will get in addition TRIPLE CREDIT! If your site is our best performing Affiliate for 2004, you can earn the Gus Trim sword, absolutely free!




Revival Affiliate Program FAQ


How do I get started?
Our Affiliate Program is available at this URL:

How does the program work?
As an Affiliate, you earn credits by placing links to our shopping cart on your website. Whenever someone follows those links and completes an order, we credit your account with 12.5% of the price they paid. Compare this with 5% for the big online booksellers.

At the end of each quarter, accounts with a credit more than $20 will be sent a check to the address on the sign-up form. You can always check your account status by logging in at:

Rather than taking a cash check, you can take DOUBLE CREDIT on any Chivalry Bookshelf, Revival Leatherworks or Medieval History Magazine purchase from the website. That means you can be earning 25% off everything in our store. And, if you’re the top Affiliate for any given quarter, you’ll earn TRIPLE CREDIT. The top producer for the year will be eligible for our Top Prize. For 2004, this will be a sword by Gus Trim!

Can my school join or training group join the Affiliate Program?
Absolutely—we encourage it! If your official group name is the one to whom the check is to be made out, we’ll need a Tax ID number to be input when you sign up. Credits earned for the group will then be sent to the address listed and made payable to the group.

What things can I link to for credit?
Currently, we’ll be offering credit for things that we publish or manufacture, including all Chivalry Bookshelf titles and Revival Leatherworks items. This includes our popular shoes, boots, belts, gloves and pouches. It also includes Medieval History Magazine, but currently it does not include Revival Clothing or Past Tents America items. We are working to include these fine folks in the program, but they aren’t available as yet.

How do I get links?
Links are generated for each Affiliate through the control panel, found at Note that you won’t be able to login until you sign up (we need to know where to send the checks!) at

What makes an effective link?
The best links are reviews that recommend the product that come from a well-trafficked site. We find that links from schools, training or study groups, or even passionate individuals who have content to share tend to be the best sites, but a really good review with lots of nice graphics will draw attention and increase the amount of cash you earn. The best link is persuasive and has at least one graphic.

Do you have banner ads we can use?
We do. However, the banners must be linked to our commerce site to qualify for credit. We have no way of tracking between our publisher sites ( and and the commerce site. Links for each banner are found on the control panel,

Where are the graphics?
Linkable graphics are found in the control panel. We also have other graphics that you can use; you may borrow anything from the Chivalry Bookshelf or site to help you create attractive pages.

How do I track my performance?
You can always have up-to-the-minute reports at at

How much will I get paid?
We are paying 12.5% for all affiliates, but we are also offering DOUBLE CREDIT. You can decide which you’d like to take during the sign-up process and you can change it any time.

How do I get paid?
We send a check to the name and address on record. Be sure to keep us updated through the control panel if you change your address or email address.  These checks will be sent in March, June, September and December.

Who do I contact with questions?
Send questions to us atmailto:csr@chivalrybookshelf.comor you can call us at 708-434-1251.

Its our way of saying “Thank you!” to our most loyal customers and to our highest performing Affiliates. Our “Double Credit” Program allows you to earn even more towards the purchase of products for either Chivalry Bookshelf, Revival Leatherworks or Medieval History Magazine. You can use double your commission for any of those products or for other books that we carry on thehttp://www.revival.ussite. We will issue you a coupon code that you can use on the site for your 25% commission.

What is the Annual Grand Prize?
This is a prize we offer to the best performing Affiliate for any calendar year. If your site out-performs our other affiliates, you’ll earn the Grand Prize! We will announce the prize on December 23rdof each year, just in time for Christmas.

For 2004, we’re offering a sword by Gus Trim!

What products can I use my credit on?
Any Chivalry Bookshelf book, special book offer, Books by Other Publishers, Forthcoming Title, or Revival Leatherworks product featured on thehttp://www.revival.uswebsite.

The credits are not yet available on Revival Clothing items (except shoes and boots), or on Past Tents America pavilions, although this may well change over the summer.

Can I earn credits for Revival Clothing or Past Tents products?
At present, unfortunately, these products are not part of the Affiliate Program.

Can I link to the Chivalry Bookshelf or Revival Clothing sites and still get credit?
Because our commerce site is separate from our content sites, we cannot track potential sales all the way through these sites and to our commerce site, which is found at This site provides secure shopping cart services to both Chivalry Bookshelf and to Revival Leatherworks. Affiliate Programs work through cookies and specific URLs, so you’ll have to link directly to the products to earn credits. We are working on ways to make the process more transparent to allow this freedom, but its not ready quite yet.  

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