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classical shoe
Ankle boot inspired by classical era footwear made with closed to for reenactor group combat. I like to call it the "Spartacus boot". NOW IN STOCK!!!
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Based on extant pieces.

Shoes one with stamped out decoration, and the other done in openwork, from the Museum of London.

Shoes from Durrnberg

 Limes Museum


Statue of Ceasear, showing laces.

Qasr Ibrim Egypt, Roman find

We have been asked for years to come out with a shoe for Romans, Greeks, and other classical era personas and portrayals.
But so many of the Roman military shoes and styles have open toes, making them not allowed or unsafe for many orginozations combat rules.

We have developed our NEW classical shoe based on a composit  many shoes conteporary with those eras but with a closed toe to allow them to be worn on the field.  We hope this helps the many people flesh out their portrayal of these cultuers.

We are waiting for them to dlear customs but we are offering a chance to pre order the shoes NOW.  In time for the last outdoor events of the Autum or possible presents for the holidays.  

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