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Pay pal and square still work just fine. Sorry  We cannot repair the website as it currently exists apprently, and networks solutions was no help AT ALL. They seem to be happy to take my money but just told me there was nothing they could do about anything ever.  Our former CC processor also is hot garbage and turned us off with no warning and then BROKE the back end of this old site apprently.  We are learning new site and trying to resock off odd jobs since ALLL THE MAJOR EVENTS GOT PANIC CANCELED AND WE ARE GOING BROKE AND MY THE PLACE I WORKED FOR MY DAY JOB WENT UNDER!!!!

Please remember to check the refund and return policy before sending a return, WE DO NOT ACCEPT WORN ITEMS AS RETURNS!

budget bascinet
1 left

Contact us at our NEW email account. with questions.  The Gmail account has been discontinued due to problems with the account

  WATCH FOR NEW PRODUCTS, SCA heavy armor, reenactor armor, Cut and thrust WMA weight armor even larp armor. Also watch for new militaria section for mil-sim and airsoft players.\adkins-historical-reproductions
NEW Contact phone number  414-323-1478  


 We have just added 3 new shoe styles!!! new
Kids shoe Classical boot Tie turnshoe!!
See below links to the items

Chivalric Order of Paladins / Лицарський Орден Паладинів
Exciting News: We have received permission from Chivalric Order of Paladins (Ukraine)/ Лицарський Орден Паладинів (Україна) to use their photos on our web page. They are an inspiration for their reenactments! Please check out their Facebook page if you find their photos inspiring!

(our new poly sparring sword) 
After more than seven years development, we have finally released our first production-grade sparring swords. These durable weapons maintain the "play" of blade on blade while reducing the risk associated with rebated steel weapons. Made from high-impact plastics, these hand-and-a-half swords feature a interchangeable cross, popular scent-stopper pommel, and are available in two weights.  DON'T BE FOOLED BY CHEAP RUBBER KNOCK OFFS!!!!

Also new, we have a fine Slashed German Shoe, perfect for that 12th Night gown or Ren Faires.
 Limited Run of Turnshoes and Low Boots in YELLOW, leather garters and more!
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Orders may also be placed by phone at 414-334-4617. 
We ship in-stock product via USPS  on Tuesdays and Thursdays only unless otherwise requested.

14th Century Low Boot
Price: $79.98
Jorvik Style Viking Boots
Price: $79.98
Viking Shoe with Toggle Closure
Late Medieval Riding Boot
List: $225.00
Price: $219.95
You Save: $5.05 (2 %)
Light Sparring Gloves
List: $49.95
Price: $44.95
You Save: $5.00 (10 %)
the "Zugadore" poly sparring sword
List: $55.00
Price: $49.95
You Save: $5.05 (9 %)
WMA sparring swords
Embroidered Swordsmans Glove
List: $49.95
Price: Starting at $42.95
14th -15th century belt stud, floral fitting
List: $39.95
Price: $21.95
You Save: $18.00 (45 %)
Gothic belt plaque
Price: $4.95
Heraldic Bee Studs
Price: $21.95
Heraldic Deer Studs
Price: $21.95
Armourer' Tongs
Price: $21.95
Hybrid Hourglass Mitten Gauntlets w/Tournament Thumb
Price: Starting at $275.95
identical to our stainless guantlet kit, only in mild steel. Sealed in wax to prevent rusting in shipping.
Late Medieval Soldier Boot - goes to the top of the calf
List: $225.00
Price: $169.98
You Save: $55.02 (24 %)
15th century calf high boots
classical shoe
Price: $85.00
Ankle boot inspired by classical era footwear made with closed to for reenactor group combat. I like to call it the "Spartacus boot". NOW IN STOCK!!!
Children's medieval turn shoes
Price: $34.95
NEW style of childrens shoe FINALLY avalible. No dye and all stitched. So no lead testing required, making them affordable again! Brown only, but should be able to overdye to dark colors
TIE turnshoe-1
Price: $50.00
14th - 15th c. tie closure TURNSHOES! Correct medieval stitching, sleek shape, well-fitting Available in green, red, black, natural
14th century bell cuffed finger guantlet
Price: $175.00
16 ga mild steel bell cuffed finger guantlet
SCA Populace Badge Mugs
Price: $40
Pint glass mugs featuring the populace badge of various kingdoms. Each is hand painted. Please include kingdom choice during checkout.
pescod breastplate
Price: $64.00
The breastplate is made from mild steel and is a useful piece for the price conscious warrior embarking on his first adventure. Made in a variety of sizes it will fit almost any fighter.
Norse spinted vambrace
Price: $57.00
Viking Arm Protection is made to resemble splint armor and is trimmed with a nice leather border. This pair of armguards have a darkened metal hammered finish and work great for SCA, LARPing and historical re-enactments.
budget bascinet
Price: $100.00
Light weight bascient in the basic pig faced style of the late 14th century.
padded chausses
Price: $75.00
all cotton padded leg defenses, wear alone or to pad heavier armors
Pelican medallion
Price: Starting at $49.95
Linen Arming Coif
Price: $35.00
Belts with furniture
List: $80.00
Price: $50.00
You Save: $30.00 (38 %)
Belts that have the buckle and tip and other hardware already on the belt.
Luxury Tudor Turnshoe
Price: $69.98

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